What is Branding Photography?

Branding Photography focuses on storytelling. We help entrepreneurs communicate the human side of your brand: who you are, what you do, and how it feels to work with you. People do business with people, they want to connect with your personality, your passion, and your process. They want to be a part of your community.

Professional brand images encourage an emotional connection to the essence of your brand, and more than ever people are seeking that connection before they spend their hard-earned dollars. Branding is an opportunity to reveal the various layers of your business, and helps your audience get a better sense of what your brand stands for.


In today's digital world, your online presence is defined as how easy it is for people to find your brand online. When you have a strong online presence, you increase brand awareness and establish your brand's reputation. Think about what platforms your ideal audience uses and how you can best show up there. If you think of Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedln ; having your own content on those platforms will increase your chances of showing up online before your competition. One of the best ways for any brand to create their own content is through branding photography. It is my job as a branding photographer to help my client create and curate photo content that is the best representation of them and their brand. The images you get from a branding photography session are used as content to share online and on your social media platforms. With a strong online presence, you will not only increase engagement with your brand, but also drive sales up!