Darlene Halaby l Architectural, Interiors and Branding Photographer

Diane Arbus said it best "Taking pictures is like sneaking into the kitchen late at night and stealing cookies!" I'm in my element when I'm taking photos. Even after 15 years of clicking that shutter, I still get excited about every shoot!

What I do:

I started out as an architectural and interiors photographer shooting for architects, custom home builders, interior designers and truly any trade that was part of a residential or commercial build or remodel project.

Today I am also a content creator helping brands and companies create visual storytelling for their brand, marketing and social media needs. I can help you by capturing and crafting the visual brand identity of your companies layers, unfolding the personality and process of your business through my lens.

I am constantly studying different light qualities and techniques, educating myself and keeping up with the latest technology and equipment. I love to work on projects that challenge my creativity. I am a problem solver and facilitator, making shoot days smooth, productive, yet fun for all!

Simply put, I am passionate about my craft and driven to create compelling, photographic masterpieces of you and your design that help promote and showcase your brand.

Working with me, you can expect to:

  • Have a creative partner to guide and advise you on strategies to capture engaging, high-performing, and money-making content.
  • Feel confident that your ideas will be heard, your vision will be executed, and you will be working with someone who is invested in your success.
  • Work with someone who is organized, thoughtful, and well-versed in what it takes to capture a beautiful content gallery, packed with variety.